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How to get pitch ready in 5 days without losing sleep.. GUARANTEED!

You can use my proven approach to crafting a
winning pitch deck in the shortest time possible.

This approach is designed to help startups and entrepreneurs who are in a rush to get their pitch deck ready for an upcoming pitch event or meeting with investors. It's a process that guarantees to deliver a
high-quality and effective pitch deck in five days
without losing sleep, ensuring that you are fully prepared and confident for your pitch.

It was built around a proven methodology that has
been used to help 100s of startups and entrepreneurs
to succeed in securing funding and closing deals.

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Meet John,

A startup founder who's been working tirelessly to build his business from the ground up. He's poured his heart and soul into his startup and is passionate about the potential impact it can have on the world.
Despite his best efforts, he's running out of funds quick, and time is running out. He's struggling to secure the funding he needs to keep the business afloat. The stress and uncertainty of the fundraising process is taking a toll on him, and he's worried that the business is going to fail.

John is plagued with fears that his pitch is not compelling enough, that his business idea is not unique, and that he lacks the experience and connections to attract investors. He's not sure if he's cut out for the entrepreneur life and is scared that he's going to let down his team, family, and most of all - himself.
He wishes there was a way out without sacrificing his sanity.

"I'm not good enough"

"I don't have the right connections"

"I won't be able to secure enough funding"

"I'm not sure if my product or service solves a real problem for my customers"

"I'm not cut out for this"

"I'll lose everything I've invested"

If you're thinking "Oh boy! This sounds familiar," you’re not alone.. 😢

As a founder and startup consultant myself, I've heard the same concerns and fears all the time from my clients and peers - they feel like their pitch isn't compelling enough, that their business idea isn't unique enough, and that they lacked the experience and connections to attract investors.

Now you must be thinking “Oh good, here comes another sales pitch. That’s just what I needed.”

You’ve probably heard all of this before. A so-called “startup guru” or professional pitch deck designer is going to tell you all the nice things you want to hear about your pitch. Telling you all you need is good design to attract your investors. Some of them even offer to design your pitch deck for $5 with unlimited revisions.

It all sounds too good to be true until you realize the guy you hired either doesn’t know what he’s doing or can only “pretty up” your slides, essentially putting lipstick on a pig because you still can’t get that yes from your potential investors.

It's the YES that matters.

I’ve seen all of this myself and realized that there needs to be a change in the industry. After seeing 1000s of pitch decks, I found that design alone isn’t the obstacle to securing funding. I’m taking a different approach to pitch deck design and that has now become a gamechanger for the people I help.

I want to help you succeed. 💪

I understand that a winning pitch is not just about how it looks, and more importantly, about what it says.

When we work together, this is what I promise I'll do for you:

  • I’ll take the time to understand your startup and the solution you're building.
  • Your pitch deck will not only be visually appealing, it'll also be tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • You will get the best pitch deck ever and most of all..

I'll be honest with you.

My comprehensive solution is not for everyone. If you're married to your idea, have all the answers and is sure the investors are blind for not seeing the potential of your billion-dollar idea, let's not talk.

I don't want to waste your time giving you advice you don't need.
I'm not here to be your echo chamber or yes man.

What I'll do instead is to help you address all your concerns and focus on creating a winning pitch that will increase your chances of securing funding for your business. My past clients have confided in me and have been extremely satisfied with my approach and the results speak for itself.

You got me. Let's do this

You don't need to take my word for it. 🎉
Here's what some of my happiest clients are saying:

JM  testimonialBilal ReviewTC  testimonialGenny Testimonial ReviewJosh Testimonial ReviewCT  testimonialCR  testimonialVic Marsh Review TestimonialSJ  testimonialtb testimonial

Based on public records, I’ve helped 10 companies raise $6.8M
and have served 200+ customers in the past 2 years.
Would you be my next winning customer?

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What you can expect from me:


  • Custom design tailored to the specific needs of your startup
  • Use of engaging and visually appealing graphics, such as charts, diagrams, and images
  • A clear and concise structure that highlights key information, such as the problem the startup is solving, the target market, the solution, the business model, the team, the financials and the traction
  • A focus on making the information easy to understand and retain for the audience
  • A variety of file formats for easy presentation and sending (PDF, PPT, GSlides or Keynote)
  • Revisions (not unlimited because we don't need many rounds) and editing support to ensure that the final deck is polished and effective


  • A more professional and polished appearance, which can help to establish credibility and trust with potential investors or partners
  • Better engagement and retention of key information by the audience, thanks to the use of visual aids and persuasive language
  • A clear and concise message that effectively conveys your unique value proposition (USP) as a differentiator from your competitors
  • A tailored design that aligns with your branding and messaging. If you don’t have branding or a style guide, I can create it for you
  • A well-structured deck that highlights the most important information in a logical and easy-to-understand way

Unlock the full potential of your startup with your FREE Pitch Deck Consultation + Pitch Deck Audit & Pitch Design Checklist (Valued at $150)

What you’ll get at your free consultation:

  • A 60-minute pitch deck review and consulting service
  • Personalized expert feedback and advice on how to improve your pitch deck
  • Identify any potential roadblocks or challenges with the current pitch
  • 7 things pitch deck designers don't want anybody to know
  • Resources and support to help you build your knowledge and skills in fundraising and pitching

This will be a free 60-minute virtual discovery call where we will talk about your startup pitch and break down actionable changes and improvements that can be made immediately to your deck. The average startup writer or pitch deck designer will never do this for you FOR FREE because it takes money out of their pocket.

Okay, I'm in

PLUS: The Pitch Deck Audit & Design Checklist are tools I personally use when going through pitch decks. I’ll be giving that to you FOR FREE so that you can use it on your own time. It includes the standard structure and requirements for a pitch deck according to the majority of accelerators, VCs and incubators in the market (Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups etc)

Because you’ve made it all the way down to this point, I’ll also be giving away my very own Startup Starter Kit.
This includes a variety of canvases and templates you can use for planning your business.

Whether you book the call or not, I’ll be giving it to you anyway because I really want you to succeed.

Pitch Deck AuditPitch Deck Design Checklist

This is $350 worth of freebies for you to use freely. 🤩

As I’m already planning for the month ahead, there will be limited slots available for the free consultation call.
I urge you to schedule in a time for us to speak if you’re truly interested.

This offer will only be available to you for the next 48 hours.

I can guarantee you this. If you book a call, you’ll be getting a proven blueprint of what a winning pitch deck will look like. You can do what you want with my advice and I want to provide you with the most actionable feedback possible.

If you choose to work with me, I will give you a no-risk money-back guarantee.
You won’t pay a single dime until you’re satisfied with my work.

If you choose not to, it’s okay too.

You can go ahead and implement the feedback on your own and I’ll guarantee not to share any of the information you’ve provided me with (we can sign an NDA ahead of the call if you want).

Pick a time that works for you, and we’ll talk then.

Book your FREE 60-minute consultation now

P.S. This is your chance to claim a Free 60-minute Pitch Deck Consultation + Pitch Deck Audit & Design Checklist (Valued at $150). If you’re serious about creating a winning pitch deck that can persuade investors and secure funding, this is the offer of a lifetime.

Remember, slots are limited and time is of the essence.