5 Alternative Things You Can Do With Powerpoint

January 8, 2023

When talking about design, Powerpoint doesn’t sound like a staple medium for creativity. Unsurprisingly, we’re accustomed to connecting this piece of software with presentations and corporate business-related functions. While it’s true that this is one of the most widely used tools for presentations, let's take a moment to open our minds to more possibilities and creativity. There’s more to Powerpoint than templates, bullet points and stock photos. Here are a few non-presentation related stuff you can create using Powerpoint:

1. Quizzes

Whether it’s to entertain the kids or for game night, quizzes can be fun to do. If you’re getting tired of Buzzfeed quizzes, do something on Powerpoint instead. The most basic kind of quiz you can create will be the Q&A kind with 2 slides (1 for the question and 1 for the answer). If you’re planning to go for something more interactive, this tutorial could do the trick.

2. Business Cards

If you’re going for the DIY path but don’t know how to use design software, Powerpoint could be an option. Considering how flexible it is, you can place elements, images and text wherever you want it to be. Click here to see a quick guide on how it’s done.

3. Document Templates

You must be thinking why this was included here instead of on Microsoft Word. Word was meant to be a word processor with a little design functionality included. To tell you the truth, PowerPoint is a better and more powerful tool if you're planning to design a document. Say goodbye to those unnecessary page breaks, complicated image wrapping and weird spacing. Everything will stay in place exactly as you want it. After you're done, save it as a PDF. Changing the orientation is really straight forward and you can find out how to do it here. Got a proposal, ebook or resume that needs to be formatted perfectly but don't want the hassle of doing it on Word? Give this a try today.

4. Social Media Images

If you take a look at the images appearing on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you'll notice that they all have something in common - simplicity. That's because businesses are trying hard to integrate their ads and content more naturally into news feeds. Why would they do that? Well, we've been bombarded so much by snazzy, eye-catching ads for the past 2 decades to the point that people are just desensitized to that sort of marketing and have a natural reaction to tune out or skip those types of posts. That's why basic level designs can be done creatively and with ease on PowerPoint. Find the cheat sheet to all the social media image sizes here.

5. Infographics

Just like social media images, infographics are simple and can be designed fairly quickly on PowerPoint. If you're planning to capture attention and be informative at the same time, this works wonders. Find out how and why you should do it here.

While there are many other things that people have tried with PowerPoint (create photo albums, edit images, design karaoke style video lyrics), we didn't think those were as aesthetically pleasing or useful as the stuff listed here. Got a suggestion or something you thought should be in the list? Drop us a message and tell us about it. If you think these things are tricky and need help designing the perfect PowerPoint deck or have graphic design needs or questions, give us a nudge and we'll see how we can help.

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