5 Presentation Design Ideas

Whether this is your first time creating a presentation, or whether you have done it hundreds of times before, there are some key presentation ideas that can transform your presentations. Using these 5 key design ideas you are sure to create presentations that represent both you and your brand in a great way. 


1. Brand Guidelines

One of the most important decisions you can make when you first create your brand is to decide what your brand guidelines will be. These guidelines can include the color themes, fonts, imagery, and messaging that your brand will use for all of your campaigns and presentations. More importantly, it will mean that there will be a cohesive feeling to everything you produce and all of your presentations. This will allow both your potential and existing clients to quickly identify your brand and associate it with specific design elements. When creating your presentations, always make sure to create them in alliance with the brand guidelines that you have. 

2. Custom illustrations, sketches, and imagery

If you are looking to elevate or perhaps bring some new elements to your presentations, a great idea would be to use custom illustrations, sketches, and imagery that align with your brand identity, while simultaneously, bringing to the table an element of freshness.

If your brand already has a specific illustration or image that represents it, you can take advantage of that by creating custom illustrations depicting those images and characters. The illustrations can help you draw attention to key points in your presentation.


3. Color

A great way of bringing key details to the spotlight is by using colors. Using your brand’s theme colors you can select specific colors to be used for main titles, key points, or key statistics. This will help your audience focus on those points, and it will separate the rest of the information that you provide from them.  

Tip: When using color make sure to use complementary color combinations for a more visually pleasing effect. If you need assistance with deciding on color palette and creating a theme for your presentation, then you can check out our presentation design service by clicking here. By using our service we will be able to assist you in choosing the right presentation design for your needs.

4. Visual Cues

In the same way that you can use color to highlight important points, you can use different colors, designs, or illustrations to separate between the different sections and themes in your presentation. These visual cues will allow your audience to more easily follow along during your presentation, while also giving them starting and ending points for each section.


5: Be Focused and Concise

When creating your presentation slides, remember that they are only meant to be supplementary material for your actual presentation. As much as possible try to use vibrant colors and nice illustrations to bring the attention of the audience to the key points that are presented in your slides. You can also use illustrations and graphs to illustrate interesting statistics in a concise manner. 


Final Thoughts 

When creating your presentation remember that your presentation slides are meant to complement your actual presentation. Make your slides aesthetically pleasing in a way that helps your audience hone in on the key details of your presentation. Cohesion is key, so ensure that all of your slides work well together both visually and thematically. Not sure how to get it right? Set up a free call and we can discuss your project together.