6 Must-Have Layout Slides for Your Business PowerPoint Templates

November 14, 2022

Building a PowerPoint Template is all about having selected the slide layouts that will work best for your needs and presentations. Still, in our opinion, there are 6 slide layouts that are must have’s if you want to have templates that are consistent, beautiful to use, and will work great with all of your presentations.

1. Title or Cover Slide 

 This is possibly one of the most important slides of your presentation and it is because it is the very first slide that people will need. Oftentimes people will forget to create a title or cover slide as they think they will make a new cover slide for every single presentation they make. However, since your first slide is the first impression that people will get from your presentation, we recommend making a well-thought-out template that truly represents your brand identity and puts your best foot forward.

2. Section Divider Slide 

 Most presentations are divided into sections. These sections break down the material presented into core themes that are easy to remember. Having prepared the divider section can help minimize the time that you have to spend formatting each divider and it can make making a presentation faster as this is usually slide repeated throughout the presentation.

3. Agenda Slide 

Much like the dividers help add structure to your presentation, the agenda helps prepare the viewers for what is to come. The agenda slide should give an overview of what will be covered in the presentation and if it is organized properly, it will help the viewers retain that information, making it easier for them to follow along during the presentation.

4. Title and Content slide

 This is one of the most text-heavy layouts in your template. Normally it will have a bulleted list of all of the important concepts and ideas in your presentation. In a way, it is more of a placeholder or a reminder of the most important elements in your presentation. Usually, this template includes a title and a section for you to add all of the text that you need.

5. Title and image slide

This is another very simple slide as it only includes a title and a place for you to add an image. The image could bean illustration, an example of what you are explaining, or even a graph and it can help the viewers visualize what you are talking about.

6. Title Only Slide

This is a slide that can be used if you want to add a variety of different shapes and elements to your slide. Normally there is only a title placeholder on the page and as such with this slide you are able to design the page as you see fit for your presentation.

By having these six slides in your template you are guaranteed to have a variety of different slides that you can use to organize and create your presentation fast and efficiently while keeping a stylistic consistency and promoting your brand image.

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