7 PowerPoint Tasks to Outsource and Save Time

November 14, 2022

Nailing a PowerPoint presentation can make all the difference in your professional life. When it comes to great presentations, research has shown that it doesn’t only come down to what the audience can hear that matters. What they see is equally important. Are your Powerpoint design skills a little rusty? Maybe you’ve been struggling with that presentation for hours and have finally decided that you just don’t have that creative edge in you?  If that’s the case, it’s probably time you consider outsourcing your PowerPoint tasks. 

Important PowerPoint outsourcing tasks you must know

When it comes to presentation design, all you have is a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience and obviously, that’s not going to happen with boring templates, unaligned graphics, overloaded slides and meaningless bullets. This mistake could potentially cost you a job promotion, a new client's account, or an investment that you desperately need. 

So, here are a few PowerPoint outsourcing tasks that you must consider as all of these will play an important role in saving you from your next design disaster:

1. Illustrations

You've finally written an amazing script. All that's left is the right kind of graphics that are necessary to make your presentation design more engaging. For this, you can hire someone to create custom illustrations. This can save you plenty of time and effort with ease.  

2. Custom presentation design 

If you want a custom presentation design with a unique background, layout & fonts, outsourcing the task can be the right thing to do. Professional presentation designers can help you combine a sleek presentation style with sharp graphics, making use of superior design techniques to provide you creative results. 

3. Animation

Undoubtedly, animation can add a new life to your PowerPoint presentation. However, adding animation to your presentation can get a little tricky. Save more time outsourcing this important task to ensure you get the right amount of animation at just the right time. Last thing you want is an overload of animation.

4. Custom template

If your team is still using generic or unbranded template for your presentations, stop doing it right now. Consistency is key here. Using a standardized template will quickly fix all the alignment and positioning issues that may come with presentation design.

• Get a custom template that fits your business and speaks of your brand's personality through presentation design. 

• You can get a custom presentation template that any team members can later edit to prepare a new slide with ease. 

Overall, this is one of the most important outsourcing tasks to consider, as presentation design professionals know all the ins and outs of designing a custom template. 

5. Infographics 

Humans process information more effectively when they're delivered as graphics. That's why you should really start considering adding infographics into your presentations. 

• Creating engaging infographics that'll bring your data to life. This is an amazing opportunity to engage your audience.

• When it comes to adding custom infographics to your presentation, keep in mind that not everyone can throw them into slides the right way. Instead of struggling to get the right pieces together, let a professional designer make the most out of your presentation in the best possible way. 

6. Branding 

Branding is everything. If you want to stay memorable, you'll need a presentation design that speaks to your brand identity. Professional presentation designers can match your presentation with the brand's design, colors, and features more effectively. This will help you to target your audience with your brand message consistently. 

7. Adding visual aids 

Add videos and pictures to make your PowerPoint presentations easy to understand and interesting. According to research, 38% of people find a text-only presentation too complex. This causes them to lose interest and space out before the presentation ends. 

Final Thoughts

Are you struggling to find a reliable presentation design partner that can understand your needs? If that's you, Mad Creative Beanstalk got your back. You deserve better presentations and we want to make outsourcing easy for you. Want to find out how? Drop us a message or schedule a quick call to get started.

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