Can I Use Adobe Fonts on PowerPoint?

January 18, 2023

The short answer: Yes, as long as you have the font files.

If you’ve seen our short write-up on how you can install and use new fonts on your computer, you should have a general understanding of how this can be done.

Just like GoogleFonts, you can access AdobeFonts on their website. Of course, the simplest way you can access Adobe Typekit is through the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

What is a TypeKit?

Simply put, a Typekit is a collection of fonts that can be used for both digital and print formats. TypeKit (the company) was acquired by Adobe in 2011 and provides Adobe CC subscribers access to a large font library with a single license. That’s literally unlimited access to 20,000 fonts.

Are Adobe Fonts Compatible with Windows & iOs?

Yes, you can use the fonts on both platforms with their native presentation apps. Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows and Keynote for iOs.

How to Access Adobe Fonts?

The quickest way to do this is to navigate to their website (logged in to your Adobe CC) and to pick the font you want to use.

Next, click on the Sync button to download the font to your computer.

Your Creative Cloud desktop application will open and prompt you to install your new fonts.

If you have your PowerPoint or Keynote program open during all this, close it and reopen to see your new fonts and use them.

You’ll recognize that this is the same as with any other font installation. It’s best to just keep those programs closed during the entire process.

Will the Fonts Show Up on Other Devices?

Adobe Fonts are considered custom fonts and won’t appear on another computer or device unless it has been installed there too. To ensure consistency across devices, consider embedding the fonts in your presentation.

Be Creative with Fonts

With access to 20,000 fonts, it’s crazy to only stick to the default options. Express yourself with the use of fonts. Need help installing new fonts and adding them to your presentation? Let Mad Creative Beanstalk help you create designs that your brand deserves.

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