Can PowerPoint be Saved as PDF?

January 27, 2023

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations have remained a great way to share information in a visual, clear, and easy to follow manner.

That's assuming that the formatting remains the same and the content you poured hours into perfecting stays the way you want it to be. Last thing you want is someone overwriting the updates you've made, by accident or through deliberate sabotage.

One of the quickest and best ways to share a PowerPoint document you don't intend to allow editing on is by saving it as a PDF. This is ideal for cross platform sharing, ensuring fonts won't change and formatting won't run. PDF renders the same universally and can be viewed across various screen sizes and devices.

How to Save Your PowerPoint as PDF?

This method works the same on both Windows and iOs.

1. Click on File > Export.

2. Select “Create PDF/XPS” on the menu.

3. Choose the destination and rename the file as needed.

You can also pick PDF as a file type option when saving the file conventionally through File > Save As > Pick PDF from the dropdown.

Now you can share away without worrying about the layout and design of your presentation. Need help getting your presentation pixel perfect? Get in touch with Mad Creative Beanstalk to get the design your brand deserves.

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