Converting PowerPoint to Google Slides: Key Challenges

November 30, 2022

Over the years, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the most popular and widely used software for designing presentations .However, more recently a surge in Google slides users can be seen. Planning to move from PowerPoint over to Google Slides, there are a number of things to look for when converting that PowerPoint presentation into a Google slide deck.


This is what you'd notice, most of the significant changes that you will experience, is the format changes to fonts sizes, and how they correspond to the overall structure of the presentation. You'll also see the change in font types and font styles. With Microsoft PowerPoint, a number of fonts are available, and in addition to this you can also install custom fonts of your choice. This increases the flexibility of presentation design. While Google slides also have multiple fonts available to the user at their disposal, some Microsoft fonts are not found on the Google Font Library. In the process of converting a file, you will notice changes in the font types and sizes and that includes modifications in font styles. Font transparency and styles can change too.


Animations are considered an integral part of any presentation. They allow a presenter to establish a flow for the presentation and conduct effective storytelling. For this reason, PowerPoint is well-accepted and a well liked as a presentation software. Similarly to fonts, you'll encounter the same issues of animation not being brought into your Google Slides.

Tables and Graphs

As sad as it may sound, a Google slide presentation is not compatible with PowerPoint and Excel. Cross-platform accessibility is only restricted to the same software suite. The graph on Google slides will appear on the slides in the form of an image, and vice versa. Important tables for the presentation of data is an inconvenience, but that's just how it is.

While everything else will work just fine on both platforms, these are some of the small inconveniences you'll face when trying to use both in unison. My suggestion? Pick one and stick with it. If you're on Windows and the rest of your team is also, stick with PowerPoint. If you're on Mac or have team members that work on multiple different OS, go with Google Slides for maximum compatibility.

Confused over all the possibilities and different platforms available? Reach out to professional presentation design consultants to help you elevate your presentation to the next level.

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