Drive Sales and Improve Customer Experience with Creativity and Innovation

December 1, 2022

It's no secret that creativity and innovation can help businesses stand out from the competition, increase sales, and improve customer experience. But what are the specific ways that creativity and innovation can achieve these goals?

In this article, we'll explore five ways creativity and innovation can drive sales and customer experience. We'll also look at some examples of businesses that have successfully used creativity and innovation to achieve great results.

Understanding Creativity and Innovation

So how do creativity and innovation help with providing a drive to sales success?

The first is understanding exactly what creativity and innovation actually means.

Creativity is anything that's new or unusual, such as an idea brought from another media you've never heard of, a new idea for a marketing strategy, or a new idea for a TV show.

Most people think of creativity as truly out-of-the-box ideas. New ways to start their own business or give it a fresh start to make and execute new ideas in ways they've never seen or done before. Everything with pizzazz and the wow-factor. This can be done with crazy advertisements, flash mobs or viral campaigns.

As for innovation, that's not only about coming up with new ideas, but also about understanding the ideal endpoint and outcomes your ideas aim for.

So, for example, if you're managing a pizza business where your aim is to have a new and modern pizza restaurant, then you had better have a creative approach to make your business stand out. It can be with an automated ordering system or some autonomous delivery system with a robot fleet that delivers pizzas within 5-minutes of ordering. That could disrupt and change the pizza industry forever.

Without understanding creativity and innovation, the new ideas you come up with may not only fail to reach a new and fresh business ethos, but they may also have a poor fit with common practices and eventually, never becoming a big hit.

Now, most of you aren't reinventing the pizza industry, but the pizza example shines light on what new ideas could look like. This gets us to the next point.

How to Find Your Company's Creative Culture

When looking into creative culture in marketing, it is important to consider what kind of goals you want to achieve. Being creative can help you stand out from the crowd but it also requires a dedicated function in the company and an organized approach in order to make it happen.

if you're thinking that creativity is a switch you flick that will transform your business immediately, you're gravely mistaken. There are many ways to create a creative culture in a business and they usually include a functional structure that allows people in the business to be creative and a process that helps the people express themselves creatively.

Functional structure: This is the organization of your team that's responsible for the creative process. The functional structure can be a department that focuses on creative strategies, marketing, or advertising. Or it can be an entire division that has a dedicated team that focuses on creativity.

Process: Creativity and innovation come with a process and that process is called the creative process. The creative process is more than just coming up with ideas, it also includes the process of evaluating your idea, testing it, and deciding whether or not to implement it.

There are many ways of evaluating your ideas to find out whether or not they are worth implementing. This could be performed by a creative director that supervises the team, a creative planning team that comes up with the strategical approach ,or the idea-owner that finds out how to implement the idea.

Creative Ideas to Drive Sales and Customer Experience

Considering how automated marketing technologies have become these days, nobody likes them anymore. They're canned, generic and downright impersonal. As a business leader, you'll need to know that traditional personal marketing methods can play a crucial role in your campaigns.

Doing the bare minimal is no longer enough. As your target audience is becoming more desensitized to advertising, you need to be more creative, innovative and find ways to generate some attention, engaging your prospect or your customer.

The key is to think, combine or mix what you've already learnt or practiced in the past. This can either be from your work experience, the marketing strategies that you already applied to increase sales while improving customer experience. Data is your best friend here. This is a good time to employ design thinking to better understand how to engage your customers with a crazy idea or a unique way that no other business is currently trying.

Creativity, Innovation and the First Reaction

If you're an entrepreneur or a business leader, you can't afford to be lazy when it comes to creativity and innovation.

You need to stop being a copycat and stop being a follower. Instead, make your business stand out from the crowd by looking into new ways to engage your customers and offer your products or services in ways they've never seen or experienced it. How can you change the way you offer loyalty programs? What are the new ways you can excite your customers and give them a unique customer experience? Your new ideas will need to be in line with your marketing strategy and be able to hit the right pain points effectively.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut and it's okay. The goal here is to general as many ideas as you can on helping your customers find success. Talk to your sales team to identify the pain points you want to solve. Your customers are your biggest goldmine when it comes to creativity and innovation. The key here is to test out such innovation with a growth mindset. Every experience is a learning experience. There is no wrong move, only lessons to learn.

When your goal is to delight your customers, you are the only one that have the key to unlocking the puzzle. You can find the best way to make an emotional connection with them to turn them into loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

While business leaders are fond of gimmicks and tactics, work on building a strategy with lasting effects. Test everything and record your findings. Creativity and innovation takes practice. With patience, you can find an exciting way to improve your customer experience. It can be through the culture you promote in your business to the designs you create to share your story with your customers. You don't need to be a creative genius to be an innovative business leader. It takes discipline, experience and the right mindset to make it happen.

It's easy to think that the only way to create something is to start from scratch. But that's not the case.

Start with your goals, your marketing strategy, and your customer experience. Make sure you have a clear perspective of your target audience. Do the research to understand what you're trying to achieve. Then come up with an idea to test out.

Don't let analysis paralysis weigh you down. The only way to deliver great customer experience is through doing. So what are you waiting for? How are you using your creativity to boost your sales and creating opportunities?

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