Easy, Effortless Ways of Maintaining Your Corporate PowerPoint Template

November 14, 2022

It may seem like a weird concept to maintain your corporate PowerPoint templates, and yet it is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your template continues to be of top quality. This is because as your template will get used by numerous team members mistakes may occur and you may find yourself having multiple slides, slides that do not stylistically match the rest, or that are simply not useful. In other cases, you may find that some aspects of your template could be improved on through some simple maintenance to ensure consistency throughout the template.

By following the list of items found below you will be able to ensure that your template is maintained and remains in great condition.

Logo Usage:  Ensure that the logo is consistently placed in the same area on each slide. You will also want to check that your logo is always the same size. This is important as you want your logo to be placed in a place where it will be remembered as it is the primary identifier for your brand.

Size Options: One of the elements that you always want to check is the slide size. One of the worst things that you can do to create inconsistency is to have one slide that is a different size than the rest. This is why it is important that you go through the layouts you have available to ensure that they are all in the same size.

Styles of templates consistency: If you have over time combined a number of different slides into your PowerPoint then you may find that there are some stylistic inconsistencies in your template. This is something that you will need as having consistent formatting is crucial for a good presentation.

Images: Make sure that all the image placeholders on your presentation are working and are correctly placed. Having images in your presentation can be a great way of giving the viewers a visual so maintaining these elements in your presentation is important. 

Ease of Use: Considering that your layout will have many placeholders, you will want to check that all of those placeholders are easily editable. The last thing that you need is to have a placeholder that is not working or that is notable to be moved around so as to add more content on the page. The usability of the placeholders is as important as their existence is.

Layout Use: You want to maintain having a variety of available layouts that you can use and switch between. You also want to ensure that the layouts that you do have can serve different purposes. Having 4 layouts for a title and text and no layouts for title and imagery can be a problem when you are creating a presentation.  

Colors and Branding: Throughout your presentation, you will need to use consistent branding elements and colors. While you are looking through the slides on the slide master you will be able to spot out any inconsistencies and fix those on the spot to create a presentation that better presents your brand.

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