How Long Should It Take To Complete a Graphic Design Project

Do you want to hire a designer for an important graphic design task but don't know how long it should take to get the project completed? If your answer is yes, this article helps you better understand the time it should take to complete your graphic design project and how you can shorten this duration in the most effective way.


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How long should a graphic design project take?

A standard graphic design request usually takes up to 3 weeks to complete. This duration applies to both in-house designers, freelancers and even designer agencies. That's why it's important for you to plan accordingly. The information that you prepare for your graphic designer or graphic design agency can affect this timeline significantly.


To fast track the delivery process and to shorten the time frame needed, you can present organized design references, provide clear design ideas, and do much more to make your design ideation and production process smooth.


Tips To Help You Speed Up The Design Timeline

Ready to boost the delivery of your graphic design project? Let's go:


1.         Set clear expectations and timeline

Set a clear deadline ahead of time for your graphic design project. It doesn't matter whether it's a presentation design, logo design or anything else, it's essential that you communicate your priorities and expectations with your designer. As a client, it's normal for you to be unsure about the duration needed to complete a project, that doesn't matter.


Let your designer know when you expect the deliverables to be done and discuss the timeline with them. It's better to get a better understanding of the requirements at the start and negotiate a favorable final date at the beginning. If you don't, you'll be scrambling to fight against time when you meet obstacles and end up being held hostage by your designer.


2.         Prepare your materials ahead of time

You can save plenty of time when you prepare the design materials yourself. Instead of going in with a blank sheet, do your research in advance and compile information, graphics or visual content that you want to add to your design. As design tends to be subjective and good design varies from person to person, share your design preferences visually and display them in an organized manner. It's always easier to narrow down your likes and dislikes and provide your designer with a clear heading.


3.         Have a clear design vision in your head

Before going to a design agency, have a clear design vision in your head to let your designer understand what you actually want to see. Without a clear idea, you'll end up wasting unnecessary time and money looking for a direction. It might take days to even start seeing a desirable first draft. This ultimately cost you more time and money than intended.


4.         Sketch first and then design

Any design process should start on paper. Spend a little time with a pencil in your hand. This can make it a little easier to describe what you're actually looking for. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece. This practice enables you to organize your thoughts and provide your designer with a clear direction.


5.         Stay connected with your designer

We're currently living in the 21st century. Why not take advantage of the multiple different modes of communication available to interact with your chosen graphic design? Encourage an active and ongoing dialogue with them. Communication is key to a successful and timely design project. Get engaged in the design process and provide prompt feedback to the work done to ensure improved results.


Final Thoughts

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