How To Deliver the Perfect Online Presentation

In the past few years, many people have been called on to adjust the way that they carried out their work. Online Presentations, have replaced in-person presentations, and have made many people adjust their presentation style or learn new presentation skills that could improve their online presentation performance. If this is one of your first times preparing an online presentation, then you can use this article as a way of getting ideas and thinking creatively about all the things you can do to deliver your presentation. 


1. Prepare your Setting 

When thinking about presenting your online presentation, start with your setting. The best idea would be to find a quiet and simple space in your home or office from where you can deliver your presentation with no distractions. Make sure that the location you are choosing has a good internet connection and that there is enough light and a simple background behind you. A busy background can be a distraction from your presentation, and good lighting is crucial if you want your audience to be able to see you, this is why starting with these things can be great for getting you ready for your presentation. 

What’s more, having decided on a setting from where you can work with no distractions will also mean that you will be able to carry out the preparations for your work both quicker and more efficiently as your attention will not be pulled in a million different directions while you are trying to work 

2. Prepare your Presentation Slides

One of the most important aspects of any presentation, whether online or in-person, is your presentation slides. There are multiple different tools currently available that you can use for the creation of your slides, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, being just a few of the most popular ones.

Once you have decided on your software, it is time to make some decisions on the theme and content that will be on your presentation. Remember that your presentation slides are meant to complement your speech and to focus your audience’s attention on key points you wish to make.

Make sure that your presentation slides are not too distracting and that their design is consistent throughout your presentation. If you need assistance with designing your presentation slides or using presentation slide templates then you can use our presentation design service by clicking the link here. By using our service, you are sure to create presentation slides that will stand out and compliment your online presentation.

 3. Practice and Prepare

For any presentation you must practice your speech, this will allow you to find ways to deliver it more energetically and confidently when the time comes. Make sure to practice in front of a mirror or even take a video while presenting your speech. By looking at yourself, you will be able to adjust and fix your body language or any parts of your presentation that you feel are unclear.

For an online presentation, apart from preparing yourself, you will also need to prepare your equipment. Try your best to ensure that your video camera, internet connection, microphone, and presentation slides are all connected and ready to go. This will make the whole experience much less stressful on the actual day of your presentation.


Final Thoughts

When preparing for an online presentation, the most important thing is to feel confident in your material and ready to present it, so take your time in preparing and you are sure to give your online presentation successfully. If you have all your content ready but just don't have the time to do it, you're in safe hands with Mad Creative Beanstalk. Get in touch and we'll help you sort this out.