How to Split the Workload with Your Creative Content Agency

November 14, 2022

Creating effective systems that allow you to split the workload with your creative content agency can oftentimes take time. Still, you must think about what you are expecting from your creative agency early on, to best know what work to assign to them.

In any business relationship communication is key, which is why you will need to start discussions with your creative agency early on. These early meetings are best for deciding what type of role you are hoping the creative agency will assume. Normally, there are three key roles that they may need to play in order to assist you best.

1. Steering: If you need the agency to guide you and to assist you with new strategies, rebranding, or other collaborative projects, then this is the dynamic for you as it will allow the agency to take the lead and steer you in the right direction.

2. Sharing: If you are looking for a balanced partnership where you are equally participating in strategy creation, brainstorming, or preparing a project then the sharing dynamic is the one for you.

3. Supporting: If you already have a vision and you are simply looking for someone to assist you with making your vision a reality, then you will need your agency to support you. This type of dynamic is very common especially for content creators who outsource part of their content creation to an agency.

Establishing a dynamic early on will help every member in your team know what role they should assume and it will help you reduce frustrations during your collaboration.

Sharing the Workload

The best way to divide the tasks that need completion is by deciding which tasks you find challenging or not enjoyable, as well as, which tasks can be completed by a stranger. These tasks are the best ones to outsource, especially if you are looking to get professional support from your agency. Common fields for content creators to need assistance on include budget, knowledge, time and energy, skills, and infrastructure. A content creation agency should be able to take some of that load off of your shoulders and assist you with some of those tasks that are not currently your forte. This will help free up your time, and it will help create a consistent workflow, as the same times of tasks will usually be handled by the same people.


While bringing on a Creative Agency is a great step for people who are looking to relax their schedule or improve their content, it is important to remember one thing. Your brand is your own. What that means is that if your agency is overstepping or their style does not match your company, then there is no harm in looking for an agency that will be able to communicate better and respect your boundaries. At the end of the day, the only way for an agency to work and be successful is if you have found a way to properly communicate and allocate the tasks necessary. Ready to get started? Get in touch with Mad Creative Beanstalk to get the ball rolling today.

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