How to Turn Your Blog Posts into Engaging Visuals

January 8, 2023

After spending hours working on the content of your blog post, it just makes sense to make the most of it and maximize the value of your research and hard work by repurposing them into engaging visuals and graphics.

As a content marketer or business owner, you understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of coming up with and generating content on an ongoing basis. All for the sake of driving engagement and traffic to your website.

Having engaging marketing materials are integral to the success of your website and that's something all of us website owners and marketers should understand, especially now that there's an abundance of content on the internet.

To get attention, blog posts and other content are published on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social channels staying alive only long enough to maintain momentum for a short while, then it dies off as quickly as it began.

So, what do you think? Won't it be great if you can use blog content in creative visuals to make your content seem new again and increase your reach to new audiences? It's amazing for SEO, which means more chances of your content getting attention and high click-throughs to your website.

Below, you'll find a few good examples of visuals that can help you with your content marketing strategy and grow your startup!

Are we ready? Let's go!

Turn a Blog Post Into a Presentation

I'm a big fan of this for obvious reasons. I love presentations and I think they're a great way to share information! You are very likely to have figured that out already; the main goal when repurposing blog posts to visual content is to divide the whole post into short, easily digestible fragments with a lot of white space.

Let’s take this idea and push it a bit further.

You must already know that the professional networking social media platforms are becoming the go-to internet for professionals to grow their business. Places like LinkedIn has recently added the ability to upload presentation documents, not only images. This is potential for your repurposed content.

Re-Purpose Blog Posts into Infographics

An infographic is perfect for summarizing your findings. They are an excellent starting point because you can choose to slice up the content further and create separate posts with them. Those designs can also be used in all other channels including in emails, newsletter, even flyers and direct-mail brochures (yes, those still exist and work really well today).

Does that spark an idea in your mind? 

Here's a quick sequence of what you can do:

Take specific sections of a blog post and turn them into actionable advice.

Take this infographic section top and turn it into a blog header.

You can copy and paste the same design in your email marketing campaign, too.

After that, use a quote from a single paragraph picked in each section on the infographic and rewrite it in your own words to post on Instagram all linking back to your original blog post.

Boom! Multiple pieces of content from one blog post.

Attach a Quote Into An Image

Social media platforms make it easier to get momentum on your content, even if your following is tiny.

You can help increase the visibility of your posts by also incorporating a graphic design that includes an image and a quote on top of a blog. Your graphic designer could draw or write 3-4 quotes on top of an image. Quick, easy and efficient. The best part of all, images are all the rage these days and multiple platforms support them including Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and even Linkedin.

Turn Blog Posts into eBooks

This is another way to repurpose blog posts into engaging visuals but it's going to take a bit of work.

Look at your top blog pieces and see if they are compelling in your website. If no, put together linked pieces in one spot. The goal here is to compile all the information you have that are related into one place.

Instead of simply copy and paste these ideas into a Word document and pretend that they can lead to a fantastical outcome, you might actually want to think about how you can take that to the next level.

With a little more effort, you can take the meatier topics from each blog post, embed some images or diagrams, or even tables, and then sprinkle some extra information on top to make this a fascinating read.

You can then throw all that into a nice looking design and you got it, your very own ebook is available and ready for your audience.

You've sparked your readers' interest by saving them a great deal of time, and you've just produced an incredible marketing asset that you can use to generate new leads.

Final Thoughts

Repurposing blog posts can be tough. It's very difficult to create great visuals and content that becomes a gamechanger for your business. Of course, nothing comes free and if you want to make it work, it's going to cost you. It's up to you whether you want to spend time or money on it.

Remember, these graphics can give you memorable resources that can turn lurkers into traffic, and traffic into conversions. The end goal here is revenue and you want that don't you?

Well, if that's a yes you got to ask yourself where do you even start when designing those visuals?

It depends. Do you want to take the DIY route and hopefully make it work? Or would you rather rely on professionals? If professionals is your answer, Mad Creative Beanstalk can help you create memorable pieces of marketing content. All you need to do is to break up all those blog posts you've made and to send them over. That's half of the work done for you. Ready to leverage your existing blog content for maximum benefits?

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