Presentation Design: A Beginner's Guide (With Tips & Tricks To Make You A Pro)

January 12, 2023

When constructing the presentation slides, you need an optimal balance between keeping your audience interested without getting them distracted. Presentation slides are created with the intention of increasing learning by highlighting the content you say (not focusing on your presentation).

Your presentation is incredibly more than merely a stack of slides. The use of creative color graphics can be far better than plain text. Presentations are vital because it allows you to envelop ideas, stories, visual data or statistics into one place, to tell a compelling story. When you have an effective design, you get an opportunity to share your viewpoint and engage your audience so that they can hear you clearly. Below are some good practices for making awesome presentations.

Use More Than One Font Weight on Your Presentation Cover Slide

You cannot use the same font for a visual presentation, as you can use only one font for an infographic. Try including several weighted fonts which give emphasis to words and concepts. It appears Steve Jobs has bold fonts on the presentation cover. So, the audiences can also understand the presentation at its most important point.

Use an Eye-catching Presentation Background Image

Like all design work, you must attract attention to enlighten your audience. The presentation should begin with an attractive background image or an interesting colour gradient. Whether in an online webinar or online, a presentation like this might attract your viewers to listen. Icons provide an attractive visual for presentation. These are simple and can be used easily to communicate concepts with your audience. This ability can be combined with several icon combinations for an individual slide.

Alternate Slide Layouts to Keep Your Presentation Engaging

The ability to keep audiences engaged throughout your presentation is critical. There will not be anyone looking at slides for more or less a second - it'll be a day. You cannot make your own special masterpieces for each of them. The slides utilize an identical visual theme with varying horizontal and vertical orientations. This change in orientation is aimed at showing that presentation has commenced smoothly. It helps with a clear distinction between idea, topic or section.

Use a Consistent Design Motif Throughout Your Presentation

I've found that I can use a design theme as my guide in creating coherent presentations. The motif can consist of recurring shapes (like circles, lines, arrows or symbols)or symbols. Examples are presented in the presentation template using circles as designs. It is used in 3 color variations for a bubbly effect. A team photo is added using circles. They key here is to use consistency. If you decided on circles at the start, stick to them throughout the deck. If it's rectangular shapes with rounded edges, ensure all rectangular elements similarly rounded edges too.

Use Illustrations Instead of Pictures

A simple way of maintaining your design uniformity throughout each unique presentation is by using illustrations. It will allow viewers to concentrate on what is being presented rather than just utilizing photos. Illustration has been an interesting design trend since 2020.

Use A Color Theme For Each Idea

Color can also be very valuable nonverbally for guiding a group. By using different colors in a specific section, Dell can tell clearly if someone is changing their ideas or presenting ideas. Go green, orange or even red pretty easily. It's another way to build a checklist, guide and how-to presentation. Each color will assign step number easily.

Use Contrasting Colors to Compare Two Perspectives or Sides of an Argument

Color contrast is away to quickly show a subject or a dispute. Use this technique to show comparisons and how you can differentiate from your competitors. Use colors very effectively to show the company's strengths in non-verbal ways. Using lighter colors and illustrated icons, the firm can position it to gain more advantage. All with no words. Using similar colors or using only one color would still be more noticeable.

Feature A Map When Talking About Locations

A map can really make the presentation better! It is an excellent focal point on a slideshow, but it also helps in facilitating a quick and efficient understanding of location information. Use graphical maps and visualization techniques to display graphical content. The map dominates a wide area and outlines every place on a map.

Use Only One Chart or Graphic Per Slide

Adding information in slides will quickly lose the attention of the audience. The situation becomes particularly prevalent when people use graphical or chart data. It has been my pleasure to see the creative slide decks. I realize the presentation may seem simple, but I see people losing their audience because of too complicated presentations.

Use Pop Culture References To Build A Fun Presentation

Use of meme/pop culture references can be used to connect the audience. It is used to quickly explain something without saying a sentence. Use common themes as the basis for presenting nostalgia and relevance to audiences.

Supplement Your Presentation With Printed Materials

Print takeaways area good option to show your presentation to the public at your company headquarters without having a computer to download or use for the presentation. If your materials don't match your slide deck in the colors, icons and other icons your audience will scratch your head.

Repurpose Your Slide Deck in An Infographic

Sometimes the ability to create the most memorable content requires a smarter approach, not an intense effort. The layout spacing of a presentation can repurpose the same image into a more readable and easily digestible infographic. This can be a great way to create multiple graphics and materials to be shared in multiple ways.

In Summary

Now that you’ve gotten a sense of the key ingredients to elevating your presentation design, it’s time to try it out for yourself. Alternatively, there are also professionals that can help you with this process. Mad Creative Beanstalk has helped 1000s of founders and busy executives work through their presentations. Need help with yours? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you create your winning presentation!

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