How Can You Split the Workload With an Agency?

You should already know that delegation is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Trying to complete all your tasks alone, especially when it comes to design, can be very difficult and time-consuming. Most business owners found that they needed to split their workload because they don’t have the right skills, are overworked, or just want to have a professional take over some of these tasks when possible. That's where a design agency comes in.

When is it time to call in the experts?

We found that many business owners, managers and even sales and marketing executives don't know when to hire an agency to help them with their workload. When they do, they don't know how to manage it and use the agency productively. Here are a few signs that this article is for you:

  • You don't know when to call it quits and end up taking too much responsibility and micromanaging.
  • After struggling with too much work, you're burnt out and overwhelmed. You don't want to do any of the work at all. You're on the verge of throwing in the towel and leave all the brainstorming, thinking and execution for the agency to figure out.
  • You don't know what you want and allow the design agency to take the reins and lead the session.

Understand what a design agency can do for you

Working with the right agency will help immensely. The agency will be able to create the right path and provide you with the guidance you need. Whether it’s about presentation design, sales content, landing page content or anything else that requires design, the agency will be able to bring you the assistance required to take things to the next level.

By distributing the workload, your agency can help steer you on the right path and pursue the right ideas. It will also help with branding, while also pushing the engagement rates up. Not only that, but it can enhance collaboration, while eliminating any possible challenges.

You can also use a sharing dynamic where you can participate in the process, while allowing the design agency to do the heavy lifting. Or you can just have a supporting role, where you already have the goals and vision ready, but you need someone to take them to the finish line. It’s very important to talk with the design agency and see their ideas, how they plan on bringing everything to life and what results you can expect. That’s what will offer you the value and experience you want.

How can you split the workload?

There are many ways to do this but the best way to split the workload is to ask yourself these few questions that'll help you get a better understanding of your own needs and how to meet them:

  • What do I hate doing? You have a particular set of strengths and weaknesses. The best indicator of the tasks you need to delegate away are the ones you dread. Having a creative agency step in to do the dirty work gives you the time you need to focus on things you're good at and enjoy doing.
  • How much time is this taking? The tasks you choose to do should almost always be high impact. While some things can be enjoyable to do or makes you feel great because you get to check a bunch of things off your list, these things might not be the best use of your time if they aren't high impact. If they're mundane tasks that eat up a lot of your time, it's about time you pass it on to your design agency.
  • What's not working? If you've tried working on a task but can't seem to get it done effectively, share that with the experts. It could be formatting a document or designing a landing page. Whatever it is, an extra pair of fresh eyes might just be the thing you need to help you find a better solution.
  • What do I want to see done better? Say you have a stellar idea that's going to take a lot of work and creativity. You might not be the best fit for the job but you really think this will work well for your business. What do you do? Tell your design agency about it. Don't let your abilities limit the possibilities. They might be the right people to make it a reality.

You need to create a plan and assess the situation, as that’s what will convey the value and results you want. Now that you know the tasks you need to outsource, it's time to pick an agency.

Things to take into consideration when you are picking an agency

  • It’s very important to check their infrastructure and ensure that they can help you create designs on a consistent basis. Here's how we recommend picking the right design agency for you.
  • Do they have the skills needed to prepare outstanding designs for you? Ideally, they need to have that, as it’s what will help bring in the much-wanted results.
  • Moreover, you also want to ensure that the company you are working with has the energy and time needed to handle all your tasks.
  • A great design agency is very knowledgeable, and they are constantly pushing the boundaries to bring in the utmost value and success. It helps immensely, since you will gain access to the latest and best industry insights.
  • Of course, you also want to think about your budget. Having the right budget can make it easier to handle everything, while making sure that you adapt this to your needs and requirements. It’s the right approach, and it’s definitely going to be worth the effort.


At the end of the day, splitting the workload with a design agency is always a good thing. It means more time for you to concentrate on the crucial parts of your business. Remember that this is a partnership. The design agency you choose should be an extension to your own team. The best brands understand that great work comes with business goals in mind. Pretty designs are useless if they don't do what they should be doing - bring in revenue. If you're a design agency that understands your needs, get in touch today.