The Benefits of Remote Working for Your Employees

January 6, 2023

Increasingly, a remote workforce is proving more convenient than a traditional office-based one. Researchers agree that a remote workforce offers a number of advantages for individuals.

But does the benefits of remote working end in cost savings?

That explanation is not true. Remote working has all kinds of benefits, including staff motivation, increased productivity, and employee retention. These benefits doesn't only apply to staff that are fully working from home (telecommuting). It includes freelance workers, contract workers and frontline workers.

The way remote companies operate these days are very different from how it was in the past. Hybrid working environments mean that remote companies can still have a physical presence with an office. This ensures that you are providing flexibility while enabling sufficient face-to-face time between colleagues for collaboration and engagement.

Over the past few years, remote working has turned into the ‘new normal’ for many of us, and after the pandemic, we can finally reap the benefits of this new working arrangement. People are working from home, staying in touch on Slack, and planning schedules in Trello.

Remote workers have enjoyed the freedom of working without anyone breathing down their neck checking their work. That gives them the independence to manage their own schedules, saving them a significant amount of time and helping them become more productive.

Freedom & Flexibility

Remote workers appreciate flexibility. They can plan their work and home life, with the only requirement that they can set their hours appropriately. Not having to ask permission to request time off or to forcefully fit in with other team members time requirements takes the pressure off them too. You can create more job satisfaction and trust by providing your remote workers with the freedom of choice. 84% of employees agree that increased flexibility can help them better manage mental stress levels.

Increased Productivity

Productivity has been one of the most repeatedly emphasized benefits of remote working as there's no surprises there. This has been recognized by both employers and employees.

According to a Hubstaff report, it was found that 65% of workers believe they are are more productive working from home. Businesses agree with that claiming, showing over 85% backing up their employees with data to proof it.

Healthier Lives

In their book, Remote, the founders of Basecamp,  Jason Fried and David Heinemeier suggested that reducing commute times can make your employees less stressed, less depressed and less unhealthy. They're also happier, healthier and more productive. Especially in today's climate, remote working provides the opportunity for workers to reduce contact with other people, especially those carrying unwanted germs from coughs and colds.

This means that they'll be calling in sick less frequently, giving you better quality work more consistently. In addition to the better job performance, the quality of their lives can also improve significantly. Remote workers have more free time that they can invest into exercise, a better work life balance, more sleep and more time with family. Practical employers understand the benefits of healthy lifestyles and their effect on overall morale and the bottom line.

Grateful Employees

Employee loyalty level is a crucial metric to nurture within your organization. Carefully managing trust levels can impact your team’s collaborative and standalone productivity in a positive way.

More employees are now hoping that they have a choice of working from home and those that are able to are likely to be thankful for a number of reasons such as increased family time and a flexible working day.

In Conclusion

Offering a remote work option for your workplace doesn’t only make sense but is now an expectation for many job seekers. Implementing a hybrid work environment increases job satisfaction, improves retention, and affects your bottom line. If any of these are things you care about, maybe it’s about time you implement a hybrid workplace if you haven’t already.

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