The Fastest Way To Minimize Your Powerpoint File Size

Want to know one of my biggest pet peeves? I get absolutely annoyed by.. Massive Powerpoint presentations.

No. I'm not talking about the number of slides in the deck. That's perfectly fine. What I'm referring to is the file size. Those PPT files with 250mb drives me crazy. They worst part of all? They only have 15 slides in them. What is this madness? Have you seen this? Know what the problem is? High-resolution pictures.

The pictures are lovely and definitely nice to have but when you're doing a sales pitch or pitching your startup, it isn't necessary. Most pitch events come with a projector or second screen that doesn't have such high definition capabilities. You don't need it. So what do you do in situations like this? Easy. Just shrink it down.

"Oh no.. I have so many pictures. Tell me I have to go through each slide and compress each one manually? It's going to take forever."

I hear you and I got you. Here's what you can do instead:
1. Hit on File > Save As.
2. Pick the folder you want to save it into and a screen will appear.
3. Navigate to the bottom right to the Tool box next to Save.
4. Pick "Compress Pictures" from the dropdown.
5. Pick "Print (220 ppi)" or "Web (150 ppi) and hit OK.
6. Hit Save and you're done!

By doing this, you've successfully compressed ALL your pictures and made your presentation perfect for sharing. Unless you're showing off some high definition designs, you really don't need such high definition pictures.

So tell me, have you encountered such presentations before? Not sure how to do this or need help with something else? Get in touch today.