Top 3 Myths about Investing in Design 

November 14, 2022

 When it comes to presentations and the creation of content, most companies seem to think that hiring a designer is an unnecessary expense. Oftentimes, in cases of a limited budget, the designer is the first one to be cut out, and yet that practice can cause more harm than most entrepreneurs or start-uppers realize. To a great extent, this belief stems from 3 myths, that perpetuate the idea that design work is a luxury rather than a necessity. Dispelling these myths can help you realize the true power of design and all the reasons why a good design is a necessity and not a luxury.

Myth 1: “Design is not as important anymore” 

For some unfathomable reason, there are people today that think that the importance of good design has dwindled over the years. This is a myth, as the reality is that as good design work has become more widely available customers and consumers have learned to expect more from the brands that they are using. What’s more, with so many companies competing in the same market, design becomes all the more important for those wishing to stand out.

Myth 2: “Designers are just that: designers.”

While it may be easy to assume that a designer’s work is to simply make things pretty, the reality is that there is a lot more that goes into creating a great design. Most designers have had years of experience to perfect the best way to place and present things so as to get the audience's attention, and to promote products by evoking certain emotions. In a way, they are psychology experts, researchers, and market consultants, which makes them perfect for creating products and campaigns that are truly memorable and highly effective.

Myth 3: “Design work is an unnecessary expense”

Many people tend to view design work as an unnecessary expense, but the reality is that hiring a designer is an investment. Whether you want to run a marketing campaign or have a highly effective presentation you will need to have a designer to assist you with the work. Because of the years of expertise that designers have, what they are bringing to the table is not a luxury, but rather it is an investment that will allow you to increase your profit through effective marketing and presentation of your products. This is because the designer's work is not just to make things pretty, instead, their work is to find ways to develop your brand identity in a way that shines through all of your design products. Using their years of expertise, they can then use that brand identity to create campaigns that are directly targeting consumers and, in this way, it can result in you dominating a bigger part of the market. For companies, wishing to grow hiring a designer is not an expense but rather an investment.  

 If you plan to make that investment and want to find an affordable option that can integrate with your existing team seamlessly, get in touch with Mad Creative Beanstalk to find out how.

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