Top 5 Design Tools For Startups That Can't Afford Designers

With the digitalization of so many different aspects of modern life, the need to create your own personal brand and image is becoming more and more prevalent. So often the presentation of one’s self, project or business ideas is as important as the topic presented. But how can you achieve that perfect presentation design? Is it possible that you can bring your vision to life using some very simple tools and templates? The reality is that the design world has evolved greatly in the past few decades and there are many websites and software that can make it easy for you to bypass hiring a designer for every single project you are working on. Whether you are running a start-up, a small business or you are simply making a presentation for work, with the following 5 tools you are guaranteed to create something great. 

1. Everypixel

Humans are visual beings, but sometimes finding good stock photos that do not cost a fortune can seem nearly impossible. Everypixel is the perfect tool to get over this problem. Essentially it is a search engine that allows you to scour the internet for free stock photos that fit your needs. It will combine search results and images from many free stock image websites, which means that your perfect image will be one click away. 

2. Absurd.Design

Absurd.Design is a design project that allows you to search and find surrealist designs that you can use in your projects. Instead of simply using photos in your presentations, with Absurd.Design you will be able to utilize illustrations and to add interesting visual elements to your Presentation. This is sure to make your presentation design more unique. 

3. Coolers

Choosing a cohesive color pattern is perhaps one of the best choices you can make for your presentation design. Still, understanding color theory and selecting the correct tones of color that are going to complement each other in your presentation can be hard. With Coolers, you will be able to find the perfect palette for your project without having to spend any extra time doing research and trying to understand which colors would suit each other and your presentation. 

4. Fonts Joy

Much like with colors, selecting fonts that complement each other can really change the look of your presentation. Not only that but selecting different fonts for different segments can help you highlight important points and to distinguish between different parts of the text. It will also provide the viewers with interesting visual elements that hold their attention. For choosing fonts that work well together, you can use the tool Fonts Joy, so as to get a better idea of how different fonts will look when put in close proximity. 

5. Canva

If you really need an easy-to-use graphic design tool that will allow you to create both print and web designs then using Canva can be your best option. Canva is far easier to use than conventional design software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, so you are guaranteed a faster and more fulfilling experience when using it for the first time. 

While using such tools can really help elevate your Design Presentation, one other amazing way of truly creating a presentation that will stand out is through templates and specialized services such as Mad Creative Beanstalk. If you would like further tips and professional templates for your next presentation then we suggest that you take a look here. Using this service is guaranteed to make the process of making your next presentation design simpler and to leave you with a product that is unique and aesthetically appealing. Too busy to get your hands dirty? Get in touch with us to get a free quote today!