What is a Creative Entrepreneur and How to Become One?

January 20, 2023

A creative entrepreneur is defined as the person that choose to start a new business in a creative field. While most entrepreneurs are generally creative in the way they solve problems and run their business, creative entrepreneurs are specifically the ones with artistic talents that can monetize on their skills through activities that were once hobbies.

Creative entrepreneurships have risen in popularity in recent times with the introduction of new online platforms and social media that are now new channels for these artistic individuals to find their audience.

What’s Considered a Creative Field?

- Art

- Blogging

- Coaching

- Content Creation

- Crafts

- eSports

- Graphic Design

- Podcast Creation

- Photography

- Writing

- Teaching

- Vlogging

How to Get Started?

The structure is pretty similar to how you’d start any entrepreneurship journey. A lot of research and hard work to lay the foundation. We have a lot of information for startups and new businesses here.

Find Your Strengths

What value can you bring to the world? Think about what problem you can solve with your current skill set. Are you good at anything that you can teach? Perhaps you might have a hobby or passion that you can monetize?

When you have a rough idea, start doing some research. In market research, you want to learn if there are consumers who are interested in your basket weaving business or banjo playing lessons. Whatever it is, you need data. It would also be helpful to discover the demographics (considering gender, age, location) and past buying behavior (have they shopped in this type of business before?) of these customers. This is where something like the Lean Business Canvas can come in handy. Answer all the fields there with assumption and start switching out the answers as soon as you get more data from your research. You can even start talking to people in your network and online to get some feedback.

Turn It into a Business

Once you’ve managed to validate your idea, it’s time to get into business. The steps may vary depending on what you have to offer. It could be as simple as setting up a social media page or creating a website. You can even open up an online store on existing platforms like Etsy or create a course on platforms like Teachable.

Final Words

Starting a creative business as a creative entrepreneur isn’t very different from conventional entrepreneurship. The only difference is the level of creativity needed and the skillsets that you have to offer. The key here is to play to your strengths and to make the most of it by leveraging your experience, talents or connections that you currently have in your network.

Mad Creative Beanstalk is an example of a creative business as we work with brands on their designs. Need help with some creative work? Get in touch with us.

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