What should you include in your start-up monthly investor update?

Running a start-up means that there is usually progress made every single month. While, not everything you are doing within the month might be major, usually in some way these steps that your start-up is taking are bringing you closer to your final goal and product. For an investor that put their money into your business early on, the only way of knowing that their money is being put into good news is through monthly investor updates. These investment updates can help update your investors, while also fostering a healthy relationship and communication with them.

If you are not sure where to start with your investment update, then worry not, because we are going to provide you with a simple list of topics that you should cover. This will help both your investors see your progress, but they will allow you to also see what steps you have taken within the grand scheme for your project.


If you are creating your monthly update for investors and you need some help with the presentation then we suggest using a template set as this will allow you to keep a consistent branding image in all of your updates, for suggestions on branding templates and our services you can click here.



It is likely that your investors have invested in multiple different start-ups besides yours. This is why it is a good idea to provide them with an overview of what will be covered in the update and who it was prepared by from within your company. Furthermore, you should include a timeframe for everything that you are covering. This will make everything less theoretical and it will allow investors to see the actual progress being made.



While a ‘burn rate’ outside of the investment world might be a negative term as it is synonymous with negative cash flow, for your start-up it is crucial. Your burn rate will be a huge indicator of how fast you’re are using up your shareholders' capital so as to build your business. Your investors will want to know how their money is being used. As such, it is important to include this at the start of your update.



Depending on the type of brand that you are running, current traction could refer to sales or audience reach. For a business selling a product, sales are a great way of showing that you have an audience for your product. This is an indication that not only is your start-up doing well, but that there is also demand for what you are putting out there.



As with traction, when reporting to investors you will want to give them all the important data, from unique numbers of users to page visitors to app downloads. This data will show how much visibility your work has currently.



If there are important news or updates regarding changes or improvements made to your product then your investors will want to know. For such updates make sure to include photos or screenshots where possible, and information on the reasons behind the updates and their functionality.



While your website traffic and traction are indicators of how well you are doing, being mentioned at local or major press outlets, will be something that your investors will want to know. Being mentioned in the press is usually seen as an indication of successful outreach campaigns and marketing, so it is definitely something to update your investors on.


If you are running a start-up, you will know the importance of goal setting. Your investors should be updated on any goal you reach or any big win that comes your way, this is your true moment to boast about your progress so take advantage of it.



For a start-up, any new partnership deal is an indicator that your company has the potential to succeed. It shows growth and your investors are aware of their importance. Similarly, any new hires made into your company are an indication of growth. Your investors will want to know who you are bringing into the team and why they are the best fit. Partnerships and Hires are huge indicators of growth and as such, you should always update your investors on them.



If anyone has reached out to your start-up for a merge or an acquisition then be sure to mention that in your update. Such contacts are huge indicators of success as they mean that other companies are taking notice of what you are doing and that they are interested in your work.


If throughout the month you have been gathering questions for your investors, then this is the perfect moment to ask them about everything you need from them. From opinions to new hires to advice on branding and product management. Your investment update is your chance to get all the valuable insight that you need to grow your company. 


Final Thoughts

For investors, receiving these monthly updates is an indicator that your start-up is flourishing and that they have not lost their money. When creating your presentation make sure to be concise and to provide information on anything relevant to your business growth. Your investors will appreciate your efforts and will be happy to see that their investment is allowing you to make progress.