When It's Time to Get a Corporate PowerPoint Template Revamp

November 14, 2022

If you are in a corporate position where you are called to make numerous PowerPoint presentations regularly, you will have come to know and appreciate the benefits of having PowerPoint Templates that you can use. Still, even those templates may need a revamp here and there as trends will change and older templates may start looking outdated. To check whether it is time to get your corporate PowerPoint templates revamped you can look at the following checklist to determine if it is time to start considering getting new template designs.

Check your existing PowerPoint in your Slide Master

When you had a template that you have been using for a long time you may find that you have not noticed some of the elements and slides that could need improvement. By checking the slide master, you will be able to see whether you have the required number of slides, or whether you have unnecessary duplicates in your template. You also want to check the dimensions of your template. If you only have 4:3 which is considered the standard, you may want to consider an upgrade to 16:9 so that you can present your PowerPoint on a wider screen.

Design and Colors

Another important aspect to consider is the elements of your templates. You should check whether the color or design style that you had opted for is now outdated. You should also consider whether the presentation has space for illustrations, images, and graphs, as those can transform any presentation you make.


If the PowerPoint template is used by a large number of people, you may find that the additions that have been made from time to time have led to inconsistencies within the template. As accidents like copying and pasting slides and creating duplicates can happen, scanning your PowerPoint for inconsistencies can be a great way of ensuring that your brand’s identity is present in all of the slides.


If the company you are working for has been considering re-branding or has recently re-branded, then it is likely that the PowerPoint templates that you were previously using no longer fit your brand identity. Re-branding is one of those core changes in your brand that will usually result in the need to revamp your templates to fit your brand’s message, color palette, and design style.

Is your PowerPoint Template working efficiently?

The main purpose of having PowerPoint templates is to be able to create beautiful presentations quickly and efficiently. If for whatever reason your team seems to need to spend a lot of time on creating your presentations then you may want to consider a revamp as the templates you currently have do not fulfill their purpose. Above all else, templates are meant to make the task of creating a presentation easier and if the template you have does not cover the needs of your presentations you will want to consider getting a new template that has all the slides that you need to create effective presentations for your brand.

Deciding that you want to revamp your PowerPoint templates can be a tough thing as the templates that you are used to working with may appear to be working well enough. Still, revamping them can often help you create better presentations that are more eye-catching, and thus, it should not be a change that you ever shy away from.

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