Why Brand Consistency Matters for Your Presentations

January 8, 2023

Creating the perfect brand identity can be crucial for your business. Your brand identity will make your business widely recognizable and will allow customers to create a direct association between your brand and certain elements of your brand identity. Your brand identity will also be most prevalent in your Presentations. Whether it is an internal meeting, a meeting with investors, a sales presentation, or a financial update meeting it is important to keep consistency in your presentations. This will exhibit cohesion in your business work and will allow you to build your brand identity.

The key to creating brand consistency is providing the correct guidelines, which is why in this article we will cover some of the ways in which you can create brand consistency as well as why you should strive to do so.

1. Brand Importance and Education

The most important thing when trying to achieve brand consistency is getting everyone in your company engaged with the topic. Employees will often have the best intentions when trying to create a presentation, but sometimes their creativity could lead to your brand identity and message being altered. This is why it is crucial that you educate your employees on where to find all of your branding information and how to use it appropriately. Make sure that your team understands that brand consistency is about presenting a united front and ensuring that everyone who associates with your company can tell what your message and identity is.

Having consistent branding will show others that your team's work is consistent and that everyone employed in your company knows what the company’s identity, values, and message are.

2. Organization - DAM (Digital Asset Management) 

The only true way to create consistency is by ensuring that all of your brand information and data is not only well organized but also accessible to those in your company that might need them. Your Digital Asset Management will allow employees in your company to know how to access the brand information that they need so as to use it in their next presentation. 

For establishing brand consistency, a great tool is to use a slide library or a best presentations library. This will help employees get a visual of how you would like your presentations to be. You can also have templates for presentations created specifically for your brand that are to be used in every presentation. For the creation of such templates, you can always direct yourself to our service at Mad Creative Beanstalk by clicking here.

3. Rules and Procedures

Make sure that the process for getting branding approval for a presentation is clearly set out. Having clear rules and guidelines will allow your employees to know which avenues they should go through if they want to create a presentation that is consistent with your brand. Setting up a specific route for this can lead to great communication amongst your employees as they will understand how to work within your system so as to best promote your brand.

Final Thoughts

Having brand consistency is key for the promotion of your brand. Consistency can allow others to make direct connections between specific design elements and messages and their relation to your brand. These branding styles will make your company memorable and will create a feeling of unity and cohesion in every presentation that your company makes.

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